[Iodoom3] Ryan's git repo, CMake...

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Sun Nov 27 15:52:51 PST 2011

Nothing in my git repo is ready for prime time yet, but if someone wants 
to run with the CMake project I've started, that'd be awesome.

To clone:


This is just my personal experimental repo, zakk's repo is the official one.

The ultimate goal is going to be to delete all the project files except 
for CMakeLists.txt (including scons, Xcode, visual studio, etc). Right 
now the CMake project builds iodoom3, the game dll, and the expansion 
pack, but I haven't managed to run it yet (I'm on a MacBook for 
Thanksgiving, and the game is currently grumpy about not being in a real 
Mac Application Bundle...the SDL work will fix that, too. Linux users 
might fare better with the current work).

I'm sure there are small details that are wrong in the CMakeLists.txt 
right now, and there are possibly big issues still. Please send patches.

I will likely move over to the SDL work, using scons on Linux, at the 
end of the week, and come back to CMake later once that's up and 
running, so this is wide open if someone wants to improve it.


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